Arched or rectangular, fixed frames or bi-fold windows, even a combination of these types – we supply and fit them in Aluminium or UPVC and you can choose from white, coloured or different kinds of wood grain imitations – whatever style or colour suits your home.

There is a wide range of opening styles, like sliding, bi-fold, single or double opening, with or without tilt in function and if you are not sure what to opt for we will gladly advise you.

testThere is a wide choice in style of rectangular windows, and depending on your needs and budget we can offer a solution to your needs.
test-archedIn many of the old style villas and properties in Spain the beautiful arches (Riu Rau) are not true arches and we therefore manufacture bespoke made to measure arches ensuring a good fit.
test-slidingThe sliding window is the most economical of the opening style windows, offering you a solution for smaller rooms or where furniture may impede the opening.
test-slidingThis style window is ideal as it offers the possibility to tilt the window leaf enabling great ventilation without having to have the window wide open, but for the hot summer you can also open the complete window.
test-slidingDepending on the size of the opening and material of window you can have a one- or two-part window and this classic style can be completely opened to allow for optimum ventilation.
test-slidingFixed windows allow you to illuminate a space naturally without the extra expense of an opening window or door. Fixed frames can also be combined with any opening window or just be a fixed frame as a big panorama window.
test-bi-foldThis, so called `concertina´style folding system allows for a complete opening without losing valuable space.


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