Conservatory with Glass Curtains

Elisabeth and Werner have two identical terraces on the back of their villa with outstanding views. There was always an underlying problem at certain times of the year as to not being able to use them with strong wind, rain and in the cold months.

So they asked us for advice and a permanent solution and our suggestion was to build a double glazed conservatory with a 10 mm tempered glass curtain structure to front section.

This enables them to completely open up the front during the fine weather and also when closed they still have an uninterrupted view.

On the original open side we have fitted a 3-part sliding door which allows an opening of two thirds, on the other side we´ve installed a little arched window and with a triple Polycarbonate roof system they now have an additional room to use all year round.

Transformed arched units

Our costumer Daan needed to replace his old iron leaking windows and also wanted to transform his Naya to allow more space, light and security.

Our decision was taking out his old windows and knocking out the brickwork below to from an opening for arched double doors.

The new double opening doors with security lock and fixed side panels did not only give him more space and light but also made the Naya look uniform with the other two arched units that were top to bottom glazed.

For added security we´ve used not only double glazing but also security glass.

New look of a glass facade

Karen and Ray have a lovely large glass facade on the back of their property, but most of the sealed units have failed over the years and were cloudy.

Because the misted sealed units had to be changed anyway they decided to redesign the complete glass front together with us.

Rather than the existing doors to both sides they wanted to have bi-folding doors installed in the middle of the glass front to give them a great opening straight onto the terrace.

This included us removing the bottom section of the concrete pillar and reinforcing with supporting lintel, which was all undertaken by LUX-AL´s building team. The colour change of existing white frames to Inox completes the transformation.